Analyze This!

Format: Lecture/Class exercises: Full-Day or Two Half-Days
(This is a follow-up to either "Finding the Emotion On Your Face" or "The Emotional Facial Experience" workshops.)
Note: This class is not film or project-specific.

In this session, the animator will gain the tools and information needed to analyze and interpret storyboards, previz, voice tracks, and/or direction to clarify the intent of the shot.

These skills can be used to create better reference the shots and to determine the cadence of the action, facial or otherwise. These skills also help stop over-animating, as students can see what is really important to get across to the audience.

The class will help lay a path not only to finding the big moments but all the smaller, more subtle moments, which make a character most real and believable. The life of an emotion – how to evoke an emotion and guide it through the body, voice and face.  

How to find all the emotions in a scene and determine which ones are best for telling the story.

  • How to make a more truthful, useful and inspirational reference. 
  • Learn to break down, analyze and interpret material and verbal direction. 
  • How to use facial expressions to define character, enhance a type or go against a type. 
  • How to interpret and incorporate nonverbal cues.


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