Not booking? No callback? Not even getting called? Here some possible reasons that your on-camera acting career is not going the way you desire.

  • YOUR FACE FAILS to send the message you intend
  • YOU are unable to ADJUST your FACIAL EXPRESSIONS
  • Your FACE is constantly MOVING
  • No one knows WHAT you're FEELING
  • Your FACIAL EXPRESSIONS contradict your message

Any one of these symptoms can be devastating to your on-camera story telling or your success as an on-camera actor. But it doesn't have to be that way. Things have changed.

As I've said, your face speaks a very specific language and up until recently no one knew this language even existed… let alone was able to teach it to someone. If your facial expressions were consistently too big or too small or you had trouble adjusting them, you were on your own to work it out.

If what you were feeling was often different from what your face was expressing, booking any job was hit or miss. You could forget about booking consistently and making a living. The playing field was never level. Some actors seemed to be gifted and effortlessly spoke it and were booking the jobs while others struggled to figure it out. No one had a handbook on how to express emotions. You either spoke this secret language or you didn’t, which often was the difference between booking the job or not.

 Here’s the good news. The scientific research has changed all of that. We now know a universal emotional language does exist and there is now someone who can teach it to you.

For the past 15 years, I’ve studied the leading emotion researchers. With a lot of exploration, trial and error and coaching actors on and off the set from around the world, I’ve developed a process and set of tools that can teach you how to create, reveal and adjust how your face expresses thought, feelings and genuine emotions. This process I have developed is called, The Language of the Face and I want to share it with you.  


More than 95% of actors have some challenge with either creating emotions or revealing them on their face... and don't even know it. Here's the thing... if there’s a difference between what you feel and what your face reveals, booking becomes very difficult. If the difference is significant, booking becomes virtually impossible. In order to stop the facial communication struggle, you must achieve what I call “Emotional Alignment."


Emotional Alignment is a phrase I use to establish a relationship between what an actor feels and what they reveal on their face. It’s the foundation for speaking the Language of the Face and is based on two factors: inner intensity and outer facial expression.
Inner intensity involves the sensations and impulses you are experiencing internally when an emotion is triggered.

The simple truth about booking an on-camera job is:
If they don't recognize what's on your face -
How can they hire you?  

If you can't control what your face is expressing -
How are you going to adjust it?

If you don't know how you created it -
How are you going to repeat it?

mastering your facial expression

Most of what we've learned about facial communication has been through trial and error. The truth is, no one got a how-to handout... until now. To master how your face expresses your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you need to follow the 4 steps below.

Step #1 is all about where you are now and what feels right to you. 

Knowing your strengths validates what you're doing correctly and aids in building self-trust and confidence…Identifying your weaknesses acts like a checklist telling you what you need to work on, 

You must understand what makes us emotional and why.

Inner truth is all about what you feel and think. Each of the Universal Emotions comes with specific triggers, sensations and impulses. You must learn what emotions feel like in the body and how they change the way we think and behave.

you must know what emotions look and feel like on your face.

You must learn what emotions and combinations of emotions at various levels of intensity look and feel like on your face and how to activate each one of them on demand.  

Learn how to combine the inner truth with Outer expression

Learn to excite your imagination, then guide what is taking place internally outward so they appear on your face in a real, recognizable and appropriate way with the correct timing, intensity and duration.   


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