Learn the Secret Language Your Face Speaks.


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Master Your Facial Expressions

Make a good performace... GREAT!

If you are someone who would like more personal attention then PRIVATE CLASSES are the the way to go. 

Would you like to nail every reaction audition on the first take and book more jobs than you ever dreamed of? Would you like to know how to interpret material or directions and give Casting or the Director EXACTLY what they are looking for?  This LIVE ONLINE 6 SESSION PRIVATE CLASS is designed to give you the tools, information and step-by-step process to do exactly that!  

Besides the personal attention, private classes offer more scheduling flexibility.

After 20 years as one of the industry's leading experts in emotions and facial expressions, I know exactly how to help you do bcome the on-camera storyteller they can't resist. Based on my years of exploration, trial and error and coaching actors on and off the set from around the world, I’ve developed a process and set of tools that can teach you how to create, reveal and adjust how your face expresses thought, feelings and genuine emotions.

Whether you are new to the business or a seasoned professional with multiple series and features under your belt, animator or business professional, you will have different challenges. Working privately allows me to focus in on those challenges.  I worked with big names as well as emerging talent, and I have the know-how to give you exactly what you need and help take your career to next level. Are you ready to nail the reaction and book your dream job? 

As an added bonus, you're going to have 4 free months of total access to my Master Your Facial Expressions online video training course. Take a look below at what the class will cover..

Here’s the thing- having the right information, tools and developing the necessary skills is not only paramount to your success overall, it makes the whole journey much more fun.  Feel confident in your choices, more relaxed in your auditions. And... ... if you’re more creative, confident and relaxed who knows what you can accomplish... It’s up to you.

It's time to move from confusion to clarity
From uncertainty to confidence
From rejection to success

Together, we’ll unlock your potential!

Private sessions

Over the 6 sessions we'll cover all 4 Steps of Emotional Alignment. By the end of the 6 sessions, you will have the tools and information you need to control how you FACIALLY COMMUNICATE. You will have the CONFIDENCE that comes from knowing that your messages are being created and revealed the way you INTEND

... identify you're creating revealing strengths and weaknesses. 

... building inner truth. What emotion and thought feel like and what it compels you to do. 

... build outer facial truth. What emotion and thought feel and look like in your body, voice and face.

... from the first contact to the trigger all the way to the recovery,

Private sessionS BONUS

The Private Classes com with DIYX Membership (Free for 4 months then continue for only $29 Save $10 per month!) DIYX Membership includes: Emotional Alignment Course,  Workout Course, Workout Classes and Workout Library.

Are you ready to learn the secrets to making a good performance GREAT?

  • Have you been told your acting is too big, too small, too messy?
  • Is what you feel often different than what your face reveals?
  • Is it difficult to stop your face from moving? Do people seem confused as to what your feeling?
  • Do you fear being in front of any camera? 

If this is you, it might be the reason you are not booking jobs or not even being called in. It might be costing you more than you know. If you're tired of guessing, wishing or hoping that what you are creating emotionally is registering on your face the way you intend, I'm pretty confident the 6 Session Master Your Facial Expressions Private Class is going to be the answer you've been seeking.

industry talk

Gunner Wright

J. EDGAR, GI JOE, LOVE, THE LOSERS, Cadillac, Goodyear, Pennzoil, etc

"John Sudol's coaching is paramount for any actor who is studying to be in front of the camera. With John's workshops and book, I feel even more informed and creative, knowing I can use not only dialogue and physical movements, but facial muscles to better convey a thought and emotion."

 Roz Williams

Blue Bloods, White Collar, Elementary, Nurse Jackie, Broadway, To Kill a Mockingbird...

"As a director and teacher It's easy for me to recognize good acting. As an actor there's a different story. When working in film and television in particular, I sometimes felt very confused. I completely understood the scene and thought I was doing what the director had asked of me. But I would just get the same note again and again. After working with John I realized that my fear of overacting had led to me not using my face at all in my work. This course was so valuable to me that I will highly recommend John to my clients."

Deborah Unger

(Kevin Can Wait, Gotham, Orange is the new black)

"John Sudol's work is rapidly becoming a constant tool in my actor toolbar. I am rethinking how I use emotional triggers in my work. What John is teaching allows me to use all my stage training, while giving casting directors, screenwriters and directors what they want to see on the small screen. The intimacy of my work for the small and silver screens is growing and my confidence is growing with it. Check him out! "

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