Where the Science of Emotion Meets Artistic Expression

Why Acting and Facial Expression Training?

In today's fast-moving business world, clear communication is more crucial than ever. Facial Communication Training takes traditional communication skills a step further by honing in on the nuanced and impactful language of facial expressions. Our faces are our most expressive tools, revealing emotions, intentions, and reactions often before we utter a single word. This training, grounded in the science of emotions and the artistry of acting, gives professionals the skills to manage and interpret these nonverbal signals.  

Why does this matter for your team? It boosts trust, confidence, and connectivity among team members and with clients. Misunderstandings and wrong interpretations can greatly affect business relationships and results. By getting a grip on facial expression language, your team can sidestep these issues, making sure their messages are communicated clearly and genuinely.  

Moreover, this training uses proven acting techniques, adapted for the business environment, to help professionals share their messages more compellingly. Whether presenting a pitch, leading a team, or interacting with clients, being able to genuinely express and understand emotions through facial cues can significantly change the game. It lifts the quality of presentations, betters negotiation outcomes, and strengthens leadership presence.  

How does it work? Through hands-on workshops, seminars, and customized online classes, participants master how to recognize, produce, and modify their facial expressions. This isn't about 'acting' in the conventional sense but rather acquiring a more profound insight and control over our nonverbal communication of thoughts and feelings. It's focused on making sure our words and expressions are in sync, rendering every interaction more effective and meaningful.  

So, why opt for Facial Communication Training? In a world brimming with talk, we guide you to communicate in a manner that truly engages, resonates, and sticks with people. It's not just about the words you use, but how you express them—with your face.

Workshops designed for Business Professionals


Discover the science behind your emotions and thoughts, and how they shape your facial expressions with “Meet Your Face.” This foundational workshop is designed to equip business professionals with a deep understanding of the link between their emotions, thoughts, and the expressions or lack of on their face. By guiding participants through the exploration of their own facial landscape, I'll provide the tools needed to identify, isolate, and activate specific facial muscle groups, revealing the physical manifestation of emotions. Participants will experience how emotions are felt in the body, expressed in the voice, and displayed on the face. This exploration sets the stage for more authentic and recognizable communication.


 Does your face truly reflect who you are, your personal brand, or even your company's ethos? Are you being misunderstood due to your facial expressions? “Your Face... Your Brand” is here to bridge the gap between how you're perceived and who you truly are, aligning with your personal and company's brand.

This workshop, perfect for all professional levels, leverages personalized analysis to pinpoint and adjust the facial cues that shape others’ perceptions.

Improve your leadership, enhance team collaboration, and ensure your expressions reflect your genuine intentions.


Stop putting your audience to sleep and start igniting their interest. In the business world, we're always pitching something, whether it's a product, software, or a new idea. Recognizing this, 'Pitch Perfect' training goes beyond traditional presentation skills. It combines the art of nonverbal facial and body communication with acting tools to make every pitch compelling. You'll learn not only to use your nonverbal cues to engage and persuade but also to apply acting techniques that bring your pitches to life. This approach ensures your confidence is visible, your message is crystal-clear.

“Pitch Perfect” equips you or your team with standout skills for effective leadership and compelling narratives.


* 1-on-1 Coaching:  Personalized sessions focusing on specific areas of improvement in nonverbal communication and public speaking.  
* On-Demand Support: Availability for pre-event strategizing and post-event feedback, ensuring the speaker is supported during critical communication moments. * * Leadership Presence Enhancement: Techniques to project confidence, empathy, and decisiveness, essential qualities for effective leadership and organizational influence.
* Stress and Anxiety Management: Strategies to control public speaking anxiety, enhancing the CEO's ability to remain composed and persuasive in high-stakes situations.

Benefits of Facial Communication Training 

Enhanced Nonverbal Communication: Training in facial communication sharpens the ability to use nonverbal cues effectively, ensuring that one's facial expressions align with the intended message, thereby improving overall communication clarity and impact.  

Enhancing Storytelling: If we choose to work together, I'm going to share the same tools I use when I work with actors to not only help them overcome their fears and insecurities but also to transport their audience from one place to another. While you might think that the world of acting is miles apart from your daily business presentations, the reality is quite the opposite. Whether you're delivering a pitch or leading a meeting, you're on a stage. The question is, do you want to be the narrator who merely states facts, or the actor who brings the story to life, engaging and moving your audience? This choice is pivotal in transforming how your message is received and remembered.

Empathy and Connection: Acting training often involves understanding and portraying a wide range of emotions, fostering empathy and improving the ability to connect with others. For individuals with anxiety, this enhanced emotional intelligence can make social interactions more rewarding and less stressful, as they become more attuned to others' reactions and feel more connected.

Increased Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and managing one's own emotions, as well as interpreting the emotions of others through their facial expressions, can lead to more successful interactions and negotiations.  

Improved Public Speaking and Presentation Skills: Acting techniques can elevate public speaking skills, making presentations more engaging, compelling, and memorable. Again, it's often not what you say it, but how you say it and the feeling the listener gets listening to you say it.

Building Personal and Professional Brand: By controlling facial expressions and body language, professionals can craft and convey a consistent brand image that reflects their values and professional ethos.  

Strengthened Leadership Qualities: Leaders who can express empathy, confidence, and decisiveness through their nonverbal communication are more likely to inspire and motivate their teams.

 All workshops or consulting options are customizable. All workshops can be done via Zoom or on location. See which workshop fits you or your company's needs.

In a world where everyone talks, we help you communicate in a way that people truly listen, understand, and remember. It's not just about what you say, but how you say it—with your face

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