Meet Your Face:
The Animator's Guide to How Your Face Speaks

Format: Lecture/Class exercises      Venue: In-Studio or Zoom Class      Duration: 1/2 day

Based on Ekman and Friesen's FACS, this session is designed to give the animator a tour around their own face. I’ll supply the tools and show them how to locate, isolate, and activate specific facial muscle groups in order to elicit certain feelings.

In doing so, the animator can experience first hand, what emotions feel like in the body, sound like in the voice and look like on their face. We will also touch on how to create a truthful response.

This introductory session to emotions and emotional facial expression is the first step the animator takes down the path towards learning how to make the inner emotional connection and express it outwardly, on your face.

  • Acquire the tools and information to activate and isolate the individual emotional muscle groups.
  • Learn what specific emotions look and feel like on your own face.
  • Learn how to adjust the intensity level of emotional expression.
  • Experience how the emotion grows from the most subtle to the full expression.
  • Learn how to pinpoint and connect to a trigger with the appropriate timing.

The animator who knows how to explore a character’s internal life and express it accurately through their body, voice and face will be better prepared to make a more detailed and useful reference which, translates into a more believable and interesting character.  

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