Meet Your Face:
The Business Pro's Guide to How Your Face Speaks

Format: Lecture/Class exercises      Venue: In-Studio or Zoom Class      Duration: Half-Day

This course is designed to empower Teams, Team Leaders, and Solo Business Professionals with a comprehensive understanding of their own facial expressions.
Utilizing the innovative concept of "facial resonators," this course guides attention to distinct facial regions. The vibrational energy in these resonators aids in pinpointing, isolating, and authentically triggering muscle groups associated with specific emotions.

By mastering this unique approach, attendees will not only be able to elicit and understand specific feelings and emotions, but also bring a new level of authenticity and depth to their communication.

  • Acquire the tools and information to activate and isolate the individual emotional muscle groups.
  • Learn what specific emotions look and feel like on your own face.
  • Learn how to adjust the intensity level of emotional expression.
  • Experience how the emotion grows from the most subtle to the full expression.
  • Learn the basics to evoking an emotional response.

Course Schedule

Introduction and Course Overview (30 min)
   - Understanding the importance of facial expressions in the personal and professional world.  
 - Course objectives and expectations. 

Emotion and Facial Expression (1 hour)
- Understanding the link between emotions and facial expressions.
- Exercises to elicit specific emotions and observe corresponding facial expressions.

Understanding Facial Anatomy (1 hour)
- Introduction to facial muscle groups.
- Understanding how different muscles contribute to facial expressions.

Creating a Truthful Response (30 minutes)
 - Techniques for creating truthful emotional responses.
 - Understanding the importance of authenticity in communication.

Activating Facial Muscles (1 hour)
   - Exercises to locate and activate specific facial muscle groups.    
 - Understanding how different muscle activations contribute to different emotions. 

Course Wrap-up and Q&A (30 minutes)
 - Review of key course concepts.
 - Open discussion and Q&A .

Please note that this is just a sample syllabus and the actual course content and structure may vary based on your needs.

What Students Have To Say...

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the anatomy of the face and how different muscle groups contribute to facial expressions.
  •  Enhanced Self-Awareness: Participants will develop a deeper understanding of their own emotional responses and how these are physically represented through their facial expressions. This heightened self-awareness allows for more controlled and intentional communication.
  •   Improved Emotional Intelligence: Learning to recognize and manage one’s own emotions and expressions can lead to better management of interpersonal relationships at work, resulting in improved emotional intelligence.
  • Authentic Communication: With the ability to align facial expressions with true feelings, professionals can communicate more authentically, building trust and credibility with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

"Meet Your Face" provides business professionals with the tools to bridge the gap between internal emotions and external expressions, fostering more effective, empathetic, and impactful communication in the workplace.


You'll learn the science behind facial expressions and emotions, how to identify and control different facial muscle groups, and the impact of your expressions on personal and professional communication.

Business professionals at any level interested in enhancing their communication skills, emotional intelligence, and personal branding through better understanding and control of their facial expressions.

By teaching you to align your facial expressions with your intended emotions and messages, the class helps you communicate more effectively, build stronger relationships, and present a more authentic self in the workplace

The workshop's length can vary, but it's typically a few hours to a half day. It can be offered in both online and in-person formats to accommodate various learning preferences and locations.

Absolutely. The workshop can be tailored to address the unique communication challenges and goals of different teams or companies, making it highly relevant and impactful.

Participants also gain increased self-awareness, better conflict resolution abilities, enhanced leadership skills, and a deeper understanding of how to express empathy and authenticity, contributing to personal growth and stronger team dynamics.

The cost varies based on workshop length, customization, and participant numbers. We offer competitive pricing and can discuss packages or discounts for larger groups or multiple sessions.

"Meet Your Face" equips business professionals with the nuanced skills required for powerful, empathetic communication, setting them apart in a competitive professional landscape where emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills are increasingly valued.

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