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  • Raise your "WQ" Level (Watch-ability Quotient)
  • Express yourself with CHARISMA and unquestionable AUTHENTICITY
  • Gain CONFIDENCE knowing the way your face is speaking to others and how to adjust if needed
  • ELIMINATE the STRESS and UNCERTAINTY of not knowing if your facial message was received the way you intended

Learn To Master Your Facial Communication

Hi! John here...

I'm the creator of The Language of the Face ©. I'm also the bestselling author of "Acting: Face to Face – The Actor's Guide to Understanding How Your Face Communicates Emotion for TV and Film" and "Acting: Face to Face 2 – Emotional Alignment." Controlling your body, voice and especially your your facial expressions is critical to conveying your message the way you intend.

Your facial expressions or lack of, may be costing you more than you know. If you're tired of guessing, wishing or hoping that what you are creating emotionally is registering on your face as you intend, I'm confident that what I offer at the Emotion Training Center is going to be the answer you've been seeking.

The Emotion Training Center is the only live and virtual studio for actors, directors, animators and presenters who want to develop and master their nonverbal communication skills. An ETC Membership is the best way to get quality training at an affordable price.

My goal is simple: Help YOU reach your goals faster so you can be a more interesting, dynamic and moving communicator.

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More than 95% of actors have some challenge with either creating emotions or revealing them on their face... and don't even know it. Here's the thing... if there’s a difference between what you feel and what your face reveals, booking becomes very difficult. If the difference is significant, booking becomes virtually impossible. In order to stop the facial communication struggle, you must achieve what I call “Emotional Alignment."


Emotional Alignment is a phrase I use to establish a relationship between what an actor feels and what they reveal on their face. It’s the foundation for speaking the Language of the Face and is based on two factors: inner intensity and outer facial expression.
Inner intensity involves the sensations and impulses you are experiencing internally when an emotion is triggered.


Not booking? No callback? Not even getting called? Here some possible reasons that your on-camera acting career is not going the way you desire.

  • YOUR FACE FAILS to send the message you intend
  • YOU are unable to ADJUST your FACIAL EXPRESSIONS
  • Your FACE is constantly MOVING
  • No one knows WHAT you're FEELING
  • Your FACIAL EXPRESSIONS contradict your message

Any one of these symptoms can be devastating to your on-camera story telling or your success as an on-camera actor. But it doesn't have to be that way. Things have changed.

As I've said, your face speaks a very specific language and up until recently no one knew this language even existed… let alone was able to teach it to someone. If your facial expressions were consistently too big or too small or you had trouble adjusting them, you were on your own to work it out.

If what you were feeling was often different from what your face was expressing, booking any job was hit or miss. You could forget about booking consistently and making a living. The playing field was never level. Some actors seemed to be gifted and effortlessly spoke it and were booking the jobs while others struggled to figure it out. No one had a handbook on how to express emotions. You either spoke this secret language or you didn’t, which often was the difference between booking the job or not.

 Here’s the good news. The scientific research has changed all of that. We now know a universal emotional language does exist and there is now someone who can teach it to you.

For the past 15 years, I’ve studied the leading emotion researchers. With a lot of exploration, trial and error and coaching actors on and off the set from around the world, I’ve developed a process and set of tools that can teach you how to create, reveal and adjust how your face expresses thought, feelings and genuine emotions. This process I have developed is called, The Language of the Face and I want to share it with you.  

The simple truth about booking an on-camera job is:
If they don't recognize what's on your face -
How can they hire you?  

If you can't control what your face is expressing -
How are you going to adjust it?

If you don't know how you created it -
How are you going to repeat it?


The Actor

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The Animator

Are you an animator who wants to learn all the subtleties of emotional facial expression and how it is revealed in a step-by-step sequence, from the onset, to the full expression, to the recovery? If so, click the button below to learn more.

The Business Pro

Are you a business professional or entrepreneur who wants to make sure that your facial expressions are in alignment with the verbal message you are trying to send? If so, click the button below and set up a time for us to check.

Your face speaks a very emotional, cognitive and emblematic language.
It's the language every great STORYTELLER speaks.  

Learn to Speak the Language of the Face 

 Learning to speak this language is at the core of all I teach at the studio. It's a method of nonverbal communication that uses specific facial muscle movements at various intensities and speed to communicate thoughts, feelings and emotions in a recognizable and authentic way. Whether you are an actor, animator or business professional, learning this language can't help but make you a more insightful and charismatic communicator.

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Having the skill to create a complex emotional life and reveal it on your face, in a real, recognizable and appropriate way is the ultimate goal of an on-camera actor or anyone else who is in the the facial communication business. Some people seem to do this effortlessly while others struggle. If your emotional message fails to come across the way you intend, there’s a good chance the answer can be found either in the way you’re attempting to evoke the emotion or...  (Read Article)

Seven Ways Your Face Speaks

Facial movements and emotional expressions are like the words you speak. If used arbitrarily, expressed out of context, or delivered with the wrong expression, you run the risk of being seen as untruthful, dishonest, too busy or even worse...a face actor! With shows such as “Lie to Me” and the breakout film “Inside Out,” awareness of what emotions feel and look like on the face is reaching the masses, and proving to be a must-know for all... (Read Article)

Is Your Face Sending the Wrong Message?

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the ways our emotional messages may not be viewed the way we intend. Topping the list at number one was “your own face.” I wrote that for some people, the structure of their face resembles an emotion and having the appearance of emotion on your face can confuse the viewer by sending the wrong or inappropriate message. In other words, your words may be saying one thing while your face... (Read Article


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