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About Memberships

Although my live classes have changed the lives and careers of so many actors, I was always limited in the amount of people I could reach. To work with me, you had to be where I was. So, I collected and consolidated all of the material from my books and live classes and made it all available in one place. I really wanted to have a wider scope and greater worldwide impact. As a result, the Emotion Training Online Membership Course was born.  

This is the most cutting edge and relevant emotion training out there. The results of years of research and teaching are rolled into the juiciest nugget of knowledge. I want you to have this knowledge. The courses and memberships combined will teach you how to master and control your facial expressions. 

And what on-camera actor doesn’t need that!?  
Since everyone has different needs, I decided to make three different plans available. Which one fits you the best?  


No matter your budget or time constraints, Membership has you covered.

Complete Package

The Emotion Training Course is the most extensive, in-depth course of its kind. With over120 instructive videos, the wealth of information is enormous. So, no matter where you live, your job constraints, or if you travel a lot, all you need is your computer or phone and a WiFi connection to continue your training. No excuses. It’s that simple!


We all receive information differently. What's so great about being an ETC Member is that you have the freedom to choose how quickly or slowly you want to take in this information. If you follow my program the way I've laid it out for you, the course will be dripped out over a 4-month period. I spaced the lessons out so you don't get overwhelmed and you have time to practice. Trust me, you'll thank me in the end. 

24/7 training

Train on your schedule. The 2  biggest obstacles that keep most people from actualizing their dreams are time and money. Membership gives you the best of both worlds. You get 24/7 access to your Industry recognized training without putting out a lot of cash up front.  
Stay as long as you like or cancel any time. As long as you stay a member, your monthly dues will never increase. 


Have a question or need support? There are dedicated times posted when you can ask everything and anything. You can do this live during office hours or post in the Community.

In the Community of Like Minds, you’ll have access to other actors across the globe and be able to share experiences, tips, and even find study partners.   

I would like to introduce you to my brand NEW Language of the Face Membership Plans.

All plans come with the Emotion Training Course: Emotion Screen Test, Building Inner and Outer Alignment and Emotion Building, Workout Course and the Workout Community.

The Do-It Yourself Guide to Creating and Controlling Your Facial Expressions

The DIY MEMBERSHIP is a great membership plan for those who like to do it all themselves.

Membership includes all 3 Emotion Training Courses: Emotion Screen Test, Building Inner and Outer Truth and Emotion Building. Also included, is the Workout Course and Workout Library.

It also comes with monthly Office Hours and the Community.

The Complete Do-It Yourself Guide to Creating and Controlling Your Facial Expressions

The GROUP MEMBERSHIP is the next step up and beyond.  This membership combines the ease and flexibility of the DIY Membership with the personal attention you get with live classes. There are several time slots available during the week. Each student gets one designated class a week, but is free to attend all classes.

Besides the on-going weekly classes, membership also includes all 3 Emotion Training Courses: Emotion Screen Test, Building Inner and Outer Truth and Emotion Building, Workout Course an Library as well as the Office Hours and Community.  

The ULTIMATE Guide to Creating and Controlling your Facial Expressions

Would you like to nail every reaction audition on the first take and book more jobs than you ever dreamed of? Would you like to know how to interpret material or directions and give Casting or the Director EXACTLY what they are looking for?  If your answer is yes, then my private 1 on 1 sessions are the way to go.  

These private classes are designed to give you the tools, information and step-by-step process to do exactly that!  

Private Membership also includes Group Classes and DIY courses.

Online Courses

Below are the courses and ADD-ON  courses currently available. 

EMOTION TRAINING is made up of 3 Courses: The Emotion Screen Test, Building Inner and Outer Alignment and Emotion Building. These courses are included in all memberships. 

The Emotion Screen Test™ course is the first module in the Emotional Alignment Process.

This course supplies the tools and processes so you can evaluate how accurately your inner feelings are matching up to your outward facial expressions in both clarity and intensity.  
 It offers over 2.5 hours of video lessons, action steps plus downloadable worksheets. It also includes How to take the Emotion Screen Test (Creating and Capturing), the Evaluation and the Assessment, as well as the Face, Evaluating and Reading Lessons.
 The goal of this module is to bring to light which tools or information you need to acquire to ensure your emotional messages are read the way you intend. 

Building Inner and Outer Alignment is the second module in the Emotional Alignment Process.

This module is all about building Inner and Outer Truth. Together we'll take a deep dive into emotions. I will take you step by step and show you how to create, connect to and activate each of the emotional muscle groups, with the correct timing, intensity and duration.  6 hours of video lessons, work-along exercises, and downloadable worksheets.
 The goal of this module is to give you a working understanding of each emotion. Learn what makes you emotional, what emotions feel like and compel you to do and what each emotion looks and feels like on your face.

Emotion Building is the third module in the Emotional Alignment Process.

In this module, I’m going to guide you through creating, connecting to and expressing each of the 7 Universal Emotions.
 The course also covers how to build and connect to the character's history, how to connect to the trigger and finally how to make your expression more personal by learning how to make the "Human Connection."  6 hours of video lessons, work-along exercises, and downloadable worksheets.  
The goal of this module is to have you build an experience with each of the 7 universal emotions from the onset to the full expression and finally, to the recovery. 


The courses below are available only through DIY-PLUS and DIYX memberships.

Exercises and Assignments
(Included with DIY-PLUS and DIYX)

There is nothing worse than when the opportunity to show what you can do comes along and you are not prepared. Maybe your timing is off or your connection to the material or to yourself is weak. That's why the Workout Course is so powerful. To be consistently on your game you need to practice. This course is going to show you not only what to practice, but how to practice it.
The Workout Course is a sequence of exercises that are dripped out weekly. They are all designed to give you what you need to practice and keep you on your game.

Monthly Workout Classes
(Included with DIY-PLUS and DIYX)

Once a month I hold a live class. This is the place to work on something that has been covered or learn something new. These Monthly Workout Classes go beyond facial expressions to include all types of nonverbal communication.

Dates and times of the classes are usually posted a couple of months in advance, so you can make plans to attend. I've also been known to add in some pop-up clasess during the month. These classes can be as simple as getting together to practice or learning a new tool. 

Past Classes and Lectures
(Comes with DIY-PLUS and DIYX)

This is an ever-expanding library. Here you'll find everything from past specialty classes, like Headshot Preparation, Your Face and Dialogue and Mastering the FREEZE to short lectures and insights.

Workout Community

The WO Community is a private community. All membership levels are invited into the community. Also invited are those who have worked on the Emotional Alignment or Nail the Reaction course; classes or intensives either with me or with the online course; or who are following the exercises in the Acting: Face to Face 2 book. The purpose of the community will be to give and receive support; provide a place to post course exercises and audition practice for evaluation; and posting relevant material regarding nonverbal communication.