Acting: Face to Face Gets A Make Over

Acting: Face to Face, 2nd Edition is up, alive and available in paperback ebook and audiobook!

For a Limited Time - Get a FREE Copy of Acting Face to Face, 2nd Edition

I just finished revising and expanding my best-selling book, “Acting: Face-to-Face, the Actors Guide to Understanding How Your Face Communicates Emotions for TV & Film” and this brand new 2nd Edition just went LIVE and I have a SPECIAL OFFER I want to tell you about.

The first edition was powerful, and some said groundbreaking. I wanted to make sure I kept all of what made it such a success. It’s all still there:

  • The science behind why only a small percentage of on-camera actors get the majority of the work, what those actors do differently than the rest, and what you can do to level the playing field.
  • Why acting is an art of deception and why deception is the key to truthful acting.
  • Why your facial messages may not be expressed the way you intend and how it may be costing you more than the job.

Whats been added?

  • Updated “Myths and Misconceptions” chapter. 
  • What we've learned from mask-wearing and what it means to the on-camera actor.
  • Deeper dive into EYE COMMUNICATION - what the eyes can and can’t say.
  • 35 new photos to illustrate specificity and subtlety of emotional expression.

But the biggest change has been the addition of 3 brand NEW chapters that include a mini version of my proprietary Emotion Screen Test (EST). There are over 75 pages of new material.

If you don’t already know, the EST is a guided, in-depth self-evaluation of your own facial expressions. It will help you evaluate your emotion creating and revealing strengths and weaknesses. And having that understanding can make you more self-aware, more confident, and ultimately- a better actor.

If you haven’t read the first “Acting: Face to Face” or haven’t read it in a while, now is the time and I’ll tell you why…  

For 5 days starting today, you can get your free copy ... No catch... well maybe a small request. Apparently, Amazon can't transfer the first edition reviews to the second, so I have to start all over.  I need some reviews. A positive review to be more specific... 

I appreciate the support and either way, the copy is yours for free. Click the link for free ebook

If you like to listen to your books, I also have an audio version you can get for free. However,  you'll need to sign up for a free Audible trial. The audiobook comes with a 47-page color pdf download, so you can see all the photos.  To get the audiobook for free use this link

 This free offer ends at midnight, July 31st. 

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