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For Actors, Animators and Presenters - Learn how your face communicates your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Want to learn how your FACE communicates EMOTION, THOUGHT and FEELINGS for the CAMERA?

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Course Summary

Learn how your FACE communicates EMOTION, THOUGHT and FEELINGS for the CAMERA or any INTIMATE SETTING? 

Are you an on-camera actor, animator, presenter struggling with your facial communication? If you answered yes, I strongly recommend taking my Facial Expression Training. This is a FREE TRAINING SERIES that I developed over the past 15 years. 

I take the MYSTERY and FEAR out of emotional facial communication. You're finally going to get answers to: 
How do I evoke a genuine emotional response?     
Why do I feel one thing, but my face expresses another?      
How do I ensure my facial expressions are truthful?      
How do I adjust what I’m feeling or facially expressing?       
How do I make sure my facial expression is recognizable?       
How do I do facially express authentically on demand?      
How can I tap into my emotions without dredging up the past?       
How do I make it all repeatable?  

In 5 lessons, you’re going to acquire the tools and information to motivate and control your facial expressions.  

When it comes to how you personally express thought, feeling or emotion, you’re going to find Confidence where there was once uncertainty and  clarity where there was once confusion.  

No matter how truthful you feel, if it doesn't reach your face in a real recognizable and appropriate way, it doesn't matter.   

Sign up today and discover the secrets to facial communication. 

Here’s the thing- having the right information, tools and developing the necessary skills is not only paramount to your success overall, it makes the whole journey much more fun.    

Feel confident in your choices, more relaxed in your auditions. And...  

... if you’re more creative, confident and relaxed who knows what you can accomplish... It’s up to you.  

John Sudol

About John Sudol

John Sudol has dedicated his career to studying and understanding the science of emotions and how it applies to artistic expression.

A 25-year professional of the performing arts, John has been dubbed the “Go-To Emotion Specialist” by actors around the world. After becoming a certified expert in emotional facial recognition, he founded the John Sudol Acting Studio and the Emotion Training Center (ETC).

John is also the author of 2 #1 best-selling books on Amazon- Acting: Face To Face- the Actor's Guide to Understanding How Your Face Communicates Emotion for TV and Film and Acting: Face to Face 2- How to Create Genuine Emotion for TV and Film.

He is committed to helping artists understand how the face communicates thought, feeling and emotion so that they can become better on-screen storytellers.

  "John is on to something here! What you will discover in this book will have a profound effect on your acting career. It's not a tip or a trick. It's a skill that once developed will help actors and non actors find more success in life."  ~Stuart Stone~
Stuart Stone Casting

Gunner Wright

J. EDGAR, GI JOE, LOVE, THE LOSERS, Cadillac, Goodyear, Pennzoil, etc

"John Sudol's coaching is paramount for any actor who is studying to be in front of the camera. With John's workshops and book, I feel even more informed and creative, knowing I can use not only dialogue and physical movements, but facial muscles to better convey a thought and emotion."

Deborah Unger

Kevin Can Wait, Gotham, Orange is the new black

"John Sudol's work is rapidly becoming a constant tool in my actor toolbar. I am rethinking how I use emotional triggers in my work. What John is teaching allows me to use all my stage training, while giving casting directors, screenwriters and directors what they want to see on the small screen. The intimacy of my work for the small and silver screens is growing and my confidence is growing with it. Check him out!"

Roz Williams

Blue Bloods, White Collar, Elementary, Nurse Jackie, Broadway, To Kill a Mockingbird..

"As a director and teacher It's easy for me to recognize good acting. As an actor there's a different story. When working in film and television in particular, I sometimes felt very confused. I completely understood the scene and thought I was doing what the director had asked of me. But I would just get the same note again and again. After working with John I realized that my fear of overacting had led to me not using my face at all in my work. This course was so valuable to me that I will highly recommend John to my clients.."

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